Self-Identity Therapy in Calgary and Cochrane

What is self-identity confusion?

Self-identity confusion is when the child’s gender identity does not match their biological sex. In these cases, the teen may wish to refer to their gender identity instead of their biological sex. Youth often experience rejection, stereotypes, shame, and internalized intolerance. 

How do I know if my child is struggling with self-identity confusion?

Your teen may tell you that they identify differently than their biological sex. Please be aware that teens struggling with self-identity are at higher risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts. 


How can I support my child if they are confused about their sexual orientation?

It takes a great deal of courage and trust for a teen to share their struggles with you. In addition to providing a loving and supportive environment, you can support your teen by:


  • Validate your teen’s choice of identity 
  • Connect your teen with community support resources 
  • Allow your teen to express their feelings 
  • Let your teen know that you still love and accept them as they are

What happens if my child does not receive therapy?

Teens do not know how to process the overwhelming emotions they are experiencing. They may feel ashamed for being different and not meeting parental expectations. 


Teens may also try to numb their pain with substance abuse, suicidal attempts, and promiscuity. Often, teens develop severe anxiety, withdraw and disconnect from friends / family to avoid judgement.