Family Counseling and Therapy in Calgary and Cochrane

What is family counselling?

Imagine having a neutral coach that mediates family conflict, helps you understand the root cause contributing to stress, and provides you with the tools to positively navigate difficult situations. This is family counselling. 

Family counselling is NOT about assigning blame or passing judgement. It is a safe place to explore your feelings, identify what you would like to improve, and learn and apply proven techniques to help you strengthen your family bond. 

How do I know if my family will benefit from counselling?

Your family will benefit from counselling if you are experiencing ongoing conflict, resentment, fear and/or overwhelm. 


The most common parenting struggles include:


  • Parenting style conflicts
  • Teen and parental conflict (yelling, physical and verbal aggression)
  • Power struggles
  • Lying /stealing
  • Conflict between parents
  • Family struggles such as finances, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health disorders
  • Dealing with chronic or severe illness