D.B.T. Therapy Private or Online Group Sessions

What is D.B.T.?

D.B.T. (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) is therapy that helps teen struggling with mental health issues, self-harm thoughts and high risk behaviors, regain control of their emotions by focusing on:


Individuals learn to notice their emotions and to experience them, without always acting upon them. 

Distress Tolerance:

Helps teens and their families learn how to navigate challenges without making impulsive decisions they may regret. 

Regulation of Emotions:

Helps teens and their caregivers learn behavioral and cognitive techniques to enhance their ability to cope with overwhelming emotions. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Helps teens learn assertiveness and communication skills to achieve goals, foster healthy relationships, and maintain self-respect even after conflict.  

Walking the Middle Path:

Helps teens live a balanced life and avoid emotional and behavioral extremes that frequently lead to distress. 

Course Length

Course duration is 24 weekly group sessions which run 1.5 hours. Individual sessions are also available as needed.  

Course Location

Courses offered online or in-person in Calgary and Cochrane. 


$200 per private session or $70 per person, per group session. Sliding scale fees available for qualifying families. 

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