Depression Counseling in Calgary, Cochrane, and Online

What is depression in youth?

Depression is a state of mind teens experience when they feel overwhelmed, lose motivation and interest in activities they typically enjoy. They may sleep excessively, struggle to sleep, isolate and withdraw friends and family members. 

How do I know if my teen is depressed?

Signs of depression in teens include:

  • excessive sleep
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of motivation
  • withdrawal
  • isolation
  • loss of interest in hobbies
  • aggression
  • short tempers

My child has a good life, how can they be depressed?

Children develop depression due to many environmental and biological factors. Exposure to stressful situations such as chronic abuse causes depression in children. Biologically, children may be nutrient deficient due to a less than ideal diet. It is important to have the child regularly visit a family physician to rule out health related issues and monitor the child’s progress. 

How do I know if my teen needs counselling?

Teens are good at giving their caregivers cues. Watch their interactions and body language. If your teen is hiding out in their room and not socializing with others, it is an indication that it’s time to seek professional help. 

How can I support my teen when they are depressed?

  • Start with a visit to your family physician
  • Encourage and participate in physical activity with your teen
  • Reduce your expectations for the period they are experiencing depression
  • Ensure their emotional needs are being met

Will my child get over their depression without therapy?

In most cases, teens do not grow out of their depression without professional support. Any form of mental illness needs medical and therapeutic intervention to ensure their safety. 

What happens if my teen does not receive therapy for depression?

If professional support is not provided your child may feel overwhelmed. Mental and physical health may also worsen. In severe cases, your child may attempt to end their life.